Welcome on a lightgrid members publishing page: themasterpublishing

It's not a web page of the lightgrid, but I have been a member from the very beginning and whenever I can I supported with all my heart our extraordinary red of light.

As Sonja said in the announcement. This is the base book, the Ascended Masters have prepared for us - for the world to change.

the next days IŽll prepare a download of the colophon, the introduction and the content. As well a presentation of the crowd-funding project, as well prices for postage and countries.
If you anyway want to support and order a book now, write an Email. I will collect the book orders to prepare the first english print and delivery.
Other languages: German and Spanish are still avaible.

Good bless you.

If you want to join the worldwide lightgrid community, ask for an invitation. We welcome you as a loving living soul to share and comment our knowledge in community.

Contact us:

Mailto: Ralf A.Seger
Mailto: myorder@themasterpublishing.com
Ralf A. Seger,
mobil Spain +34 659 414 532
mobil Germany +49 1601446957
phone international +49 5382 9863399, you will be connected to Skype by phone

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